I took a walk in the woods to find
something I needed to feel so 
I grabbed a day pack and
headed up the mountain
with no plan of attack
and I walked for miles
until I was covered 
by trees where
silence set me free.

I’m a different man
when my heart meets
the earth and I
put my hands in the
dirt to feel the years
of pain because I
don’t want to blame
anyone or anything
on this journey I walk
to find me when I’m
not even sure who
that could be.

Out here I try to understand
all the places I ran and I find
myself at the end of another
life in the mountains where I hear
the winds cry out my name
watching the clouds roll in
overhead as I
get caught in the rain
because I’m finally
letting go of the
life I’ve been forcing
to unfold as I embrace
the unknown.

Reflections That Inspired The Walk Into The Unknown

Whenever we feel lost, it can be difficult to embrace the unknown. One of the ways I find what I need during uncertain times is by connecting with nature. When I get away to the woods, I embrace the life trying to unfold and step towards the edges of the unknown.

If you can give yourself permission to do this, you will begin to find the answers to all those struggles you face because you are giving yourself permission to let go of the life you thought you needed to live. So much power comes from trusting yourself in the unknown.

Allow yourself to look for the magic in the unknown by connecting with nature and finding the wins within the fear and anxiety you feel around life. When you do, your life will soon begin to change and align with your heart and dreams rather than someone else’s story.