“Nothing Ever Happened, so don’t worry. It’s all like a dream. Everything is ecstasy inside. We just don’t know it because of our thinking minds.” Jack Kerouac


My daughter is a curious little human. She has been asking many questions while trying to figure out life as a six-year-old in this great big world. 

Sometimes I have to tell stories to keep her imagination going without limiting her views on the world because she knows a world free of constraints. And it is through her curiosity and wonders that she will learn to see the world in a new way and find true happiness. 

Like my daughter, we, too, could let go of all our worries and doubts if we accepted that true happiness and bliss come from embracing the present moment. 

Kerouac’s quote reminds us that it takes great courage and strength to open your heart and embody the true power of living. 

To embody this concept of curiosity, we must remember to take a few deep breaths, release the tension, and access the ancient wisdom within the stillness. And while my daughter might not know this right now, it takes great courage and wisdom to choose curiosity, for it leads to the embodiment of the entire spectrum of the human experience. 

Curiosity has led us here today and continues to be accessible if we are present with all life has to offer. Our ultimate reality is not objective but subjective, and our sense of self and the world are not fundamentally real but projections of our minds. And if that is true, it is essential to remember that our actions and choices have ripple effects that reach far beyond ourselves. 

Kerouac’s quote encourages me to let go of my attachment to life and be open to the idea that my true self lies in everything happening. My daughter teaches me lessons that were introduced a long time ago and in many different worlds, which is that everything is ultimately alright and part of a perfect universe unfolding if I am curious enough to believe in what I cannot yet see.