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Because No One Wants To Be Lost In The Algorithms 



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Why Work With a Copywriter?

You’ve got ideas. Maybe even a brilliant one. But we both know they’re like wild horses – powerful and untamed. They need a wrangler to harness them into something tangible. Something that speaks your truth in a voice that demands to be heard.


Enter the world of a seasoned writer, craftsman of words, and a whisperer of narratives. Whether it’s painting vivid pictures for your brand or ghostwriting the novel that’s been living in your head, I’m the guy who makes it happen.




Hey, I’m George


I’ve been in the writing game professionally for about a decade, but a wordsmith way longer than that. Life’s a funny thing. It throws curveballs, and mine led me straight into the arms of storytelling.

I’ve danced across the keyboard in every genre you can think of – from the nitty-gritty of e-commerce to the fitness industry, behind-the-scenes buzz of internal communications, to the creative razzle-dazzle of email marketing and event scripting.

You name it, I’ve written it.

My past life as a Marine and a personal trainer wasn’t just about physical endurance. It sharpened my mind, honed my focus, and gave my writing that extra edge – a bit of grit under the polish.

Then 2020 hit, and like a character in a plot twist, I took the leap into the full-time freelance abyss.

Your brand doesn’t need another bland content mill. It needs a story, something with a pulse, a bit of soul, and maybe a few scars. That’s where I come in. I’m the guy who’ll take your brand’s narrative and give it a shot of whiskey and a twist of lime.

So, if you’re in the market for a ghostwriter who can channel your vision, or a copywriter who can make your brand’s voice echo, let’s talk.

I promise, it’ll be anything but ordinary.

My Books

Lost In The Algorithms

In the digital heart of social media, where every click could be a story, and every story is just a click away, there lies a truth often untold

From the ink of my pen to the pixels on your screen, we explore how the algorithms that rule our world also rewrite our stories.

 So, pour yourself a drink, or maybe just a coffee, and join me. Let’s get lost together, find some truths, laugh at the absurdity, and maybe, just maybe, make sense of this wired, weird world.



Content Strategy

Email Marketing


By the divine decree of the Marketing Gods, you’ve been chosen! If you’ve journeyed this far down our digital odyssey, it’s clear the gods of marketing have favored you. Heed their call – sign up now and join me on this crazy thing called life.