Breathe in, breathe out

Stuck, lungs filled with doubt

Look up, watch the world come to life 

Love is all you need, I can see it in your eyes

   It’s time to trust yourself in the unknown

    Breathe in, breathe out, release, let go

               You spend your life 

               chasing something 

                 meant to be free

               Broken hearts bleed

       Not knowing love is unconditional

      you close your heart off to the world

       in a story that needs you to let go

    Exhausted from giving your heart away 

     the heaviness you feel has

         something to say


      I don’t want you to love this way

      I thrive on freedom 






   Broken pasts say nothing about your heart

           I’m here to stay, it’s only the start

                   growing into something

                     only love can create

                   resentment and shame

                         have no place

        This is me realizing it was 

       never about finding the truth 

              silence with myself 

           sitting in an empty room

        breathing to make It through

       the feelings that hurt so deep

        my heart bleeds out on the 

          empty pages before me 

      I’m shedding layers


          and years of pain

       purpose and passion

      spill out 

       spoken word

prose and poetry

             all that remains