I tried to find my heart
but lost it in the chase
writing gave me a life raft 
but darkness took it away

People ask me how I’m doing
if only they could see the black 
shadows following me around
or what it’s like to fight with 
something that makes you want 
to never wake up from sleep

Getting out of bed takes 
so much energy I have
to drink two pots 
of coffee just to be
while darkness creates
a false smile on the
masks everyone sees

I’d rather not bother anyone 
with my heaviness in life
I guess for right now
I’ll keep smiling and say 
I’m alright?

Journal Prompt That Inspired I’m Alright

Today’s poem was inspired by a morning meditation and a conversation with my shadow side. These are the parts of my life I tend to repress and deny, which often leads to heaviness in life and is a signal to my body that I need to do a few things: breathe, write, and move.

For today’s prompt, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to feel into this side of you that is creating a heavy emotional charge.

Ask yourself where you feel the heaviest in your body?
Ask what the heaviness wants to say to you?
Where does it come from?
What does it want you to do?

Honor this side of you by sitting in silence and letting it speak for as long as it needs to, after you sit with it, write or move your body in the way it needs to be expressed.

After you finish, conclude your journey with I see you, I hear you, I love you.