I dance with death at the gates of hell
When the seasons change and
I start to age
I dance with death and
No one can tell

 I pray to God when darkness creeps
Cover my head and block my screams
He walks with me and takes my hand
Hypnotized by the music of darkness
I’m trapped by my own despair

Each step choreographed  from memories of my past
A twisted tango, how long will his torture last?
We dance all night while my heart aches to be seen
I fight to breathe
Is this a dream?
What does it all mean?

I walk among you, but I live in hell
I dance with death and no one can tell

Why I Chose This Poem

Today is Veterans Day.

Afghanistan, 2010

Me in Afghanistan 2010

Every year around November, I get seasonal depression from a traumatic event I faced many moons ago- the death of my best friend to a roadside bomb in Iraq.

Darkness visits me heavily during the holiday season.

 Depression is complicated, silent, and dangerous. I need a way to survive the heaviness of feeling trapped by darkness, so I found poetry and writing to save me from going under and taking my last breath. 

If you find these words heartfelt, share them and tag me. It’s how we can work together to save one soul at a time.

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