He’d given up on himself 
and felt like he had
nothing left to give 

Every day he’s on the run
from himself and 
who he’d become 
searching for meaning
in something or someone
and he feels the attacks
of the past while they
turn to real life 
and he stays up
at night with tears
in his eyes while
days pass by 
and no one ever
sees him cry

Seasons are changing
and he wonders how
many days are remaining
in a life that feels empty
and lost so he writes 
to find another thought
that saves him from 
wondering around lost
or maybe being alone
is how he is cleansing
his soul for another 
story that must be
told while he walks
alone to find
his truth

Jounral Prompts That Inspired Today’s Poem

Sometimes our struggles in life are a sign that what we need can only be found when we are alone. While painful to sit in the unknown, it is often needed to uncover who we are without all the masks.

In my book, Nowhere To Go, I talk about how our journey in life is anything but easy. If every choice we make comes with consequences, the struggles we face reflect the choices we make. So, most of the things we face are a direct reflection of what we believe to be true about ourselves.

To start believing, you have to start thinking differently, here is today’s prompt

If I had no past, who would I be right now?

This prompt can be challenging at first because there might be parts of your life you do not like. Typically we disguise our struggles with things in life in hopes to avoid our past. But the past doesn’t just walk away, it follows us every chance it gets until we find the courage to stop and face it.

Why is the unknown challenging? Because so many of us are living someone else’s dream. It’s time to live your life.