If I’m just an earth suit passing
by on this train of life and
this body is not mine then
emotions are messengers sent
to guide me from darkness to light and
feelings are personalities of my soul
because divine intelligence will unfold
when I love myself
because I am enough
which means I trust
myself in the unknown and
I need to let go of a thirty-seven year
old story dying to unfold
because maybe there is great value
in letting go of what I think I should know


Emotions are tricky, especially if you’ve never had a chance growing up as a kid to feel seen, heard, and witnessed when you wanted to express yourself.

In my book Nowhere To G0- Navigating Tough Transitions, I talk about creating a safe container for emotions to come through because they are incredibly important in life.

Emotions serve a purpose: they are messengers sent to guide us in life. 

All of the things that get in the way of our emotions? They are learned from experiences growing up and serve as a protection mechanism to stop the negative emotions from coming into our lives. But emotions don’t work that way, and trying to outrun your negative emotions only leaves you feeling more empty inside. Not to mention, if you base your life around your emotions, you’ll be running around like a headless human in life. And that is no way to live. 

Trust me, I know from experience. 

Every emotion comes into our lives for a reason and benefits each of us, even the negative ones. Our job, and the road to authenticity, is to simply create containers in life to sit with each emotion without judgment so we can learn from it.

I encourage you to take your mask off and acknowledge the full spectrum of life that comes from being human.

Struggle and pain are always present. I have yet not met a day where one or the other has not presented itself in my life. Once we accept our emotions, we can learn from our pain and ascend to our highest potential. 

Today, I want you to celebrate your ability to be here right now and set containers for your emotions. 

Close your eyes and just breathe for a few minutes because your body holds the keys to the freedoms you seek. 

Repeat after me:

  • I am safe in my body
  • It is safe for me to feel
  • I’m ready to let go 

In learning how to be with everything that comes our way, we find our true, whole selves.