We finger fuck our phones like mindless drones, searching for certainty in lost souls. Everything changes at the touch of our fingertips. Hearts, likes, comments, and clicks. Tweets and TikTok’s, self-expression the cost and it seems like there is no destination because everyone is lost. 


Mindless Drones

The day begins and ends as drones. Mindless numbing occurs when we have become separate from our hearts and our bodies are exhausted. Without even knowing, we abandon ourselves in a search, blind to our true selves.

When we are in a story of suffering, we let the past influence our choices. We chase certainty in an unknown future. Our emotions are on autopilot, pulling us away from our heart’s center. If we continue to get lost in thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow, we miss out on what the universe is trying to show us.

To find ourselves, we must discover how to create space in our lives to hold these places of discomfort that make us want to run in the first place.

I sometimes catch myself numbing out after I’ve spent a great deal of time with my six-year-old daughter. I’ll become agitated due to exhaustion and find myself unable to be engaged with what my daughter needs most, the presence of her father. Usually, before I know what is happening, I react in anger, which causes a slight disturbance at the moment. With daily practice, I have created more space in my life to catch these moments of anger before they take away the precious smiles of my little one.

If you find yourself unable to connect to your heart and are mindlessly numbing out, perhaps doing nothing is what you need. Surrendering allows you to find your gift.

Numbing out can often be a sign of despair. To find the way back home, you must be willing to let go and honor the rest your tried mind needs. The next time you find yourself in these moments, stop for a moment and take a few deep breaths. When you breathe into what is causing you to numb out, you expose a level of tenderness that will guide you home. In this space, you’ll discover that a little space in your life is all you need to set yourself free.


Ready to discover who you are with just the power of your breath?