If You Took Off The Masks, Who Would You Be?

If you knew me
I wonder what
you would see?

Perhaps you would see a man 
who can’t make sense of a life he 
doesn’t understand. While his pen
creates new characters in a world 
with his tired and loving hands.

Overwhelmed by heaviness as he
sits and stares at the ceiling
in his bed. Shadows crawling
all around, can’t get
them out of his head. 

He’s fighting with darkness, not sure 
how long he can survive. Is this a
dream, or is it called being alive?

The strength of a man 
lies within his heart
if you look closely at
his setbacks and struggles 
you might see a work of art.

But you don’t see me
because you don’t
even know you. Isn’t 
that a sad truth? 

All you see is what you
have been taught 
to believe. I wonder 
what would happen
if you really knew
me? Or if you chose
to know you? Who
would you become
and what would
you do?

Journal Prompt To Inspire Creativity And Reflection In Life

Today’s poem was inspired by the masks we wear every day we wake up. If we don’t trust who we are and how we are feeling, it is doubtful anyone else will. Use the following prompt to write and let go of all the heaviness you might not want someone to know about you to release the things that keep you stuck.

If you knew me…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this prompt. Share with me on Instagram and tag me so I can share and reach out to you personally. Looking forward to seeing who you are.