You can’t be free if you don’t listen to your heart

Looking down at my hands
searching for freedom again
every breath and heartbeat
create a story that frees my soul
love thrives on freedom
we are never in control

Now I feel heavy
in a way that rattles
voices inside my head
I wonder what would happen
if I listened to my heart instead

Dark skies
heavy hearts
broken pieces
deep breaths
changing seasons

Imprints stamped on our
hearts from other generations
it’s not anyone fault
lost souls in transitions

No right or wrong
no shoulds
just breathe
you can’t chase
something meant
to be free

Resistance prevents you from finding
the truth that must be told
let your heart bleed open
there’s a better story
waiting to unfold

You are never alone
when you walk the unknown
your feelings will guide you home

Journal Prompts To Find Answers To The Freedoms You Seek

As my debut book gets closer to the launch date, I wanted to provide prompts with my poetry to help you overcome your struggles when you feel heavy.

Free flow journaling with sentence stems is a therapeutic practice I use in my life to overcome struggles. The best way to get the most from them is to answer the first thing that comes to your mind and trust your feelings. If you still feel stuck, read the poem, take a few deep breaths, and then get to work.

  1. What I desire most in life right now is…
  2. If my heart could speak to me right now it would say…
  3. The reason why I struggle with trusting my heart is…
  4. If I could trust this feeling I would…
  5. Choosing this feels…
  6. One thing I can do to honor this feeling is…

Becoming aware of the feelings and emotions that make you feel stuck is the first step to finding your voice and unlocking your potential.